Naomi Jones Photography: Blog en-us (C) Naomi Jones Photography (Naomi Jones Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:46:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:46:00 GMT Naomi Jones Photography: Blog 90 120 Three Shire's Head - An afternoon walk At the beginning of this week I took advantage of a sunny, but chilly afternoon for a trip out to Three Shires Head, south of Buxton on the A54, and along Axe Edge Moor. It marks the border between the three counties of Cheshire, Derbyshire, and Staffordshire.

Three Shire Heads PanoramaThree Shire Heads PanoramaPeak District


The walk, which can often be over boggy terrain, follows the River Dane down towards the packhorse bridge and cascades at Three Shire Heads. It is also a point where four packhorse routes meet. There is a lovely high-arched stone packhorse bridge, beside it is Panniers Pool, where the packhorses transporting silk, and coal, would have stopped to drink.

In the 19th century, Three Shire Heads was a place where lawbreakers or coiners evaded capture by crossing into a neighbouring county. The local settlement of Flash takes its name from the trading in counterfeit money made by the coiners. The word flash was used to describe dishonesty, or, not of genuine quality i.e. flash men (thieves), flash money (counterfeit currency) or flashy (not as good as it looks.)

This was also said to be the setting for illegal prize fights and cock fighting, as it was easy to escape and soon disappear into the surrounding wild, and rocky scenery. It is reputed that a court was held on this spot in the 14th century by order of the Black Prince, Lord of the nearby Forest of Macclesfield, relating to tenants of the counties of Derby and Stafford who were accused of trespass into the forest.


There was still a little snow around on the higher ground of the moorland, which added to the textures. The drifts of snow created some great curves on the hillside that mirrored sweeping curves created by the hills and valleys further up the moor.


There are a few more shots from my walk in the Peak District Gallery of my website. Please have a look :-)



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Lampshades and Candle Lanterns It's been a busy few weeks of work, but I finally have a selection of my photographs printed and made up into my new lampshades.

The idea to develop a range of lampshades has been ticking over in my mind ever since making a one off for a good friend of mine, as she was in the process of redecorating and could not find a ceiling pendant shade that suited her needs. It set me thinking that I have a number of photographs in my collection that would be suitable for conversion into lampshades.


The idea of making the lampshades myself also appeals, as I love the practical side of making, as well as the creative side of photographing. This seemed like an ideal combination of the two, to create a beautiful, and alternative way of displaying my art, that didn't require free wall space, or expensive framing to do it justice.


It is an interesting exercise choosing a suitable photograph to convert into a lampshade, as not all photos will work! It is important to remember that the image will be back lit and this needs to enhance the photograph.

Once I had a small selection earmarked it was then a case of choosing the materials I was going to use for printing. My first lampshade was printed onto unrolled canvas & then mounted onto the frame. It's a relatively expensive method, but it does look good! With further research I found printable fabrics, which I am now using as standard, and produce a great effect but without the high price tag of the canvases.

During the development process I also discovered some very cute lantern making kits, which I have also created and can be used as table decorations, bedside lights or just as great gifts.

All these are now for sale on my new Etsy Shop

Please have a look at my range so far.

They will also be available to buy on my website soon!

I have some more ideas for some new designs so please keep a look out for more to come.


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Don't Leave Home Without it! The favourite advice of many photographers is to always have your camera with you. It's good advice! There have been many occasions in the past when I've left my camera at home only to kick myself when I've seen a great shot!

Of course, these days everyone has a camera with them on their phones. These can be excellent for capturing moments, and they can be great fun,  but as a landscape photographer I can't go far without my DSLR & tripod! Hand on heart I don't take my camera everywhere (not grocery shopping, for example!), but it's a habit that I made a conscious effort to get into, and now it's second nature to grab my Low Pro backpack as I leave the house.

I've had two recent excursions when this habit really paid off & I thought I'd share the results with you.

My first photograph was captured on a flying visit to North Wales. I had to make a trip over to Bewts-y-Coed, where some of my Snowdonia photographs are on display in a B&B. It was a miserable day, pouring rain all day, and what seemed like no chance of seeing anything with such low cloud. I intended to make the round trip in an afternoon, but before leaving I put my bag in the boot of the car, as usual. As expected it was wet when I arrived, I spent maybe longer than I should having tea & a good chat! By the time I was ready to leave the rain had stopped, and there were a few breaks in the cloud appearing. So, instead of driving back out on the Conwy Road, I thought I would take a detour out to Capel Curig & the Ogwen Valley just to see whether the cloud had lifted from the mountains. It had lifted just enough to produce the shot below!

It was definitely the right decision to delay my return home!



The second occasion was only last week. On a very grey overcast & chilly Monday afternoon, I needed to get out of the house for a while & decided to go out for a walk. Once again my bag made it's way to the boot of my car, & I drove out in the general direction of the hills on the edge of the Peak District, above Macclesfield. I was undecided where I wanted to walk, but found myself driving close to Windgather rocks just outside Kettleshulme. I made the decision to stop a little further up the road & walk to the summit of Shining Tor. Follow the Road to the LightFollow the Road to the LightLight rays over Macclesfield Forest from Shining Tor, Cheshire It's a lovely walk, there were plenty of grouse in the heather, & a couple of Buzzards hovering above. As I reached the summit of Shining Tor the sun broke through the grey cloud to highlight the hill below, and created this shot.


So, I'm joining the chorus of voices; whatever your camera is, think about it before you leave the house. It won't take any shots lying in drawer, or on the shelf in your house!

Oh, and a warm hat & pair of gloves are invaluable at this time of year :-)

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Early Starts & Misty Mornings in the Peak District I can't believe this is my first blog of the year! Having spent some time after Christmas distracted from writing, and to some extent photographing, I thought it was high time I started again!

This week I spent a day in the Peak District.

The alarm jolted me into consciousness in the darkness, the display read 4.50am! I had no one else to blame but myself for waking at this unearthly hour.  Despite this, getting up wasn't as painful as I'd expected. My bag was already packed all I had to do was fill the flask & head out. 

The previous night's forecast had shown fog in the morning lifting to reveal a sunny day. A great day to be out for sunrise, and as long as I could get high enough above the fog, I thought I would have a good chance of getting some great early morning shots.

There is something about driving out in the dark to do a shoot, passing all the houses with curtains shut, as most people are still sleeping, hardly any cars on the road, an uninterrupted journey! I love the peace that you can find so early in the morning, even in the built up suburbia of South Manchester, but I couldn't wait to get out into the hills.

It was not a great surprise to me that I didn't get to my original choice for sunrise. I can get distracted along the way, and this morning was no exception. Travelling on the road from Chapel en le Frith towards Castleton, the view across the valley towards Hope, with the Chimney stack peaking up above the fog, & the sun rising over the hills in the distance, was not to be missed. So I pulled in & climbed up the hillside for a better view.

Once I was happy with the shots over the valley, and the sun was starting to rise a little too far above the horizon, I set off for my original destination. Stanage Edge near Hathersage is a favourite place of mine, but I had not managed a dawn shoot there yet. At 1400ft it was well above the fog that hung in the valleys below & I enjoyed a very peaceful time at the top, with only the grouse for company, watching the fog slowly lift below. Once the climbers started to arrive it was my cue to go and have breakfast!



Here are two of the photos from that trip. There are some more in my Peak District Gallery on the website, please wander over there to have a look


Hope Through the Mist at SunriseHope Through the Mist at Sunrise Mist over Hathersage MoorMist over Hathersage MoorView from Stanage Edge towards Higgor Tor





























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Just for a bit of fun! Is it true that there are less than 3 week until Christmas?!! This is the slightly worrying thought that struck me tonight. I must start thinking about Christmas presents soon! Unfortunately, this will have to wait until my final craft fair for this year is out of the way. Three days at Cheadle Hulme Christmas Market, from Friday, are my first priority.  

Candy Pink SwirlCandy Pink SwirlCat No - NJP5122A / NJP5122B SmartiesSmartiesCat No - NJP5306D
So, in preparation for the market, I have been busy painting blocks & ordering prints. I will be selling some new picture blocks  with some fun photographs of sweets at the market. They are always fun to photograph, giving me a good excuse to use my macro lens, & the added bonus that, once finished, the subject matter can be eaten! After a very enjoyable trip to the retro sweet shop (with far too much reminiscing) I came away with a few bags of colourful sweets, and have now immortalised them in print. I am pleased to report that the contents of the bags have found a good home!

Here are a couple of the photographs from the shoot. There are plenty more to enjoy on the website in the Everyday Abstract Gallery http://naomijonesphotography/everydayabstracts

Enjoy your weekend's shopping!



Cheadle Hulme Christmas Market 6th/7th/8th Dec - 10-4pm Cheadle Hulme Shopping Precinct.


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Feeling Charitable There's been a definite "Charity Feel" to this week's work. Firstly, preparing for this weekend's Christmas Fair at the Masonic Guildhall in Stockport, in aid of Francis House Children's Hospice. They do a fabulous and invaluable job providing respite care & support for children & young adults with life threatening conditions. So, I will be there with my stall, and a wide variety of others, from 10am-3pm on Sunday 24th Nov (Masonic Guildhall, Wellington Rd South, Stockport).


Great PosauneGreat Posaune Great Flues & Pedal VioloneGreat Flues & Pedal Violone

The second part of this week has been taken up with putting the final touches to the photographs I have taken of the pipe organ at St George's Church Stockport. The Church Council are in the process of trying to raise £150,000 over the next 2 years in order to restore & repair the organ, which was built in 1897, and has not been restored for over 32 years. Continual use, wear & tear, and improvements to the heating system have taken their toll. It is now in desperate need of an overhaul, and repair & replacement of some of the original pipes.

I was very happy to help out in my own small way, and have been allowed access to the internal workings & pipes, to photograph them. It was a very different challenge from my usual outdoor landscapes, but equally fascinating. The shapes & textures of the pipes had their own beauty, and crawling around inside the organ was really quite enjoyable, even though it was a bit of a squash in places!

I have put together a gallery of photographs of the pipes & stops of the organ, which are available to buy as "Picture Blocks" on the website. ( I am also hoping to put together some limited edition prints, so watch this space!

(60% of the profits from the sale of these will go towards the Restoration Appeal.)

Have a Safe & Happy Weekend!

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An Afternoon around Lymm Dam Welcome to my second Blog!

With the length of the days shortening at what seems like an alarming rate, the evening "golden hours" for photographs are getting earlier and earlier. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, with the last flashes of colour before the dark, stark days of winter take hold. 

Lymm Dam Lymm Dam Last Thursday was one of those beautiful autumn days, the light was just right, and was calling out for a trip to catch the colours. And so to Lymm Dam, Cheshire.

The beech and oak trees in the woodland around the dam are in full autumn colours now, and the light through the trees accentuated them. I had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon making my way round the reservoir, and took some lovely shots in the woods, and finally some long exposures looking over the water as the sun was setting.

Once the weekend craft fair at Heaton Moor was over, I had time to sit down and take a look at what I shot in Lymm. This part of the process is almost as much fun as being out in the open air taking the shots (almost!).

Looking at my woodland light shots, it struck me that these could work well with the Orton Effect, softening the focus of the leaves to give a slightly ethereal look. I've not used this effect for a while and was quite pleased with the result.

I will be posting these and the rest of the photos from this shoot in my Cheshire gallery over the next few days.



In the meantime, no craft fairs this weekend. The next one will be 24th Nov (details on previous blog post). Plenty to do before then!


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With Bonfire Night upon us tomorrow night, autumn is making it's unrelenting progress towards winter. The march towards Christmas is on the way!



Having just completed a weekend fair at Arley Hall, Cheshire, my attention has now turned to the remaining craft fairs I will be attending in the run up to Christmas...



My stall will have mounted prints, framed prints, & handmade picture blocks (small hand painted blocks mounted with my original photos, ideal for small gifts & stocking fillers!). I will be at the following craft fairs over the next month:


Sat 9th November       St Paul's Church Craft Fair  10am - 4pm  - St Paul's Church Heaton Moor, Stockport

Sun 24th November     Francis House Craft Fair 10am - 4pm   - Masonic Guildhall, Wellington Rd South, Stockport

1st December              Dunham Massey Christmas Fair  10am-3pm

6-8th December          Cheadle Hulme Christmas Fair   - Chealde Hulme Shopping Precinct


Link to the prints available this autumn -

Link to the Picture Blocks galleries -










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