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Alan Cutler(non-registered)
I met Naomi at the Cromford Mills Christmas Market today. She is such an enthusiastic and talented photographer, I admired the work she had on display. I can definitely see an Ansel Adams influence, to which Naomi laughed and agreed she did indeed appreciate his work! I couldn't resist but to buy a print for my local artists collection. It was enlightening to meet you Naomi, my best wishes for your future work.
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Nakliyat Yapanlar(non-registered)
Great photographer, Awesome pictures, Follow your dreams and keep up the great work. Looking forward to checking out your pictures and page. Congratulations achievements
Love my barn, bought in Bakewell on 14th July. Will be back for more.
Mike Batson(non-registered)
I have just returned from an excellent training day. The weather was perfect, the area Padley Gorge was beautiful, but most important of all Naomi was a delightful instructor whose command of her subject was obvious, and whose clarity and patience unbounded. I thoroughly recommend this day to anyone. Naomi’s enthusiasm for her subject is infectious and stimulating.
Gareth Evans(non-registered)
I have learnt so much more about landscape photography after spending a day under instruction from Naomi. She is an excellent teacher providing clear and insightful advice, matched by her enthusiasm for taking photographs. Naomi was very patient and kept my focus on improving composition in the pictures, particularly emphasising the value of taking time to walk around and reflect rather than rush in and taking a picture. I also learnt some very valuable lessons about caputuring photographs under low light conditions and well as moving objects.

Naomi is easy to get along with so the day was enjoyable for the photography and for the conversations about walking and travel to other countries. All recommended if you want to think about your photography and improve you skills.
Philip Gillingham(non-registered)
Had a fantastic training day with Naomi exploring Padley Gorge and the surrounding area. Naomi's technical skill as a photographer is matched by her passion for the landscape photography which made for a fascinating and fulfilling day out - I learned so much.

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