The Price of restoring each photograph will depend on the amount of damage, and therefore, the amount of time it will take to complete.


Below is a guide to approximate pricing to give you an idea.



Grade 0 - (£6.50 - £13) simple fade correction, dust & simple scratch removal, sharpening, cropping


Grade 1 - (£14 - £22) - Minor fading, minor discolouration, light mould/damage, hairline fissures


Grade 2 - (£23 - £34) Deep scratches, small facial area corrections, multiple wrinkles, moderate mould, medium fading, small areas missing


Grade 3  - (from £35 ) - Large areas missing/damaged, Large facial corrections, large areas of face/body missing, heavy mould, significant folds & tears




On receiving either the scanned file, or original photograph(s), I will contact you with a quote for the work that need to be done.

If you agree, I will proceed with the restoration. On completion I will provide you with a password to a private gallery on this website to show the completed image. If you are happy with the work you will have the choice to download a high resolution jpeg copy of the file to your own computer, or order prints of varying sizes, dependent on the format of the photograph.



If you do send an original photograph to be scanned by myself I will return it by recorded delivery (UK only). The price of this will be included in the price for the work.



Please see Scanning and Posting page for information regarding sending the image to me.


Photo Montages

If you would like a photo montage of your restored family photos various sizes are available, depending on the number of photos you would like to include. Below is a guide to prices


A4 - (10-15 photos) - £20

A3 - (20-25 photos) - £30

A2 - (30-35 photos) - £40