Scanning Advice


If you are scanning your own photograph, as a general rule it is best to scan your image at as high a resolution as you can get from your scanner.

Choose at least 300dpi/ppi as a minimum, and if you can scan at 600dpi as it will give you a better result. If the photograph is very small, scanning at a resolution higher than 600dpi is preferable.


When scanning your image ALWAYS scan in colour, even if it is a black and white image. The variation in toning of the black and white images cannot be captured when scanning in black and white (greyscale) and the finished restoration will suffer as a result. Ideally scan in 16 bit colour.

Please make sure your scanner is not set to make any automatic adjustments, eg for contrast, as this alters the original image and may hamper the level of restoration possible.



Once you have scanned your image you can email your high quality/ large size file to me.

If the file size is too large for email you can use to send files up to 2GB.  Follow the link to the website, but ignore (skip) the "wetransfer plus" page. You should then be taken to a page with the wetransfer box via which you can upload and email the file to me.



Alternatively, if you have uploaded your image to a photo sharing site, eg Flickr, and it is a high resolution image, email me a link to the photo and make sure downloading is allowed in settings.




If you do not want to, or cannot scan your image, you can send the original photograph directly to me and I will scan the image at the appropriate resolution. Please package your images carefully for postage, for example, place between 2 pieces of cardboard. I would advise sending by recorded delivery.



Please contact me before sending you images.



I can scan photographic prints, slides and negatives, but unfortunately I cannot scan slide negatives. I am more than happy to restore any scanned slide negatives you may have.


Contact Details:


email: [email protected]


Postage to:  2 Nevill Road




                      SK7 3ET


If you have any questions about the services you can also use the Contact option on the main page of my website.